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Excavation and septic services are fundamental to a properly built and maintained home. When you seek to build or add onto your house or office building, turn to us to complete the excavation properly. Located in Fultonville, NY, we offer a multitude of services, even including pond excavation. When you need a site graded, contact our team as well. Also, we’re experts in septic tank pumping and systems.

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Excavation Services in Fultonville, NY | Paraskeva Excavating & Trucking Corp.

Excavation Services

Paraskeva Excavating & Trucking Corp. offers a robust list of excavation services for residential, commercial, and agricultural clients. Our full-service excavating contractors have the equipment and experience to work with you from start to finish – whether in site development, septic system installation or servicing, grading, land clearing, and more.

Septic System Services in Fultonville, NY | Paraskeva Excavating & Trucking Corp.

Septic Systems

When you need an installation or work done on your septic system, choose Paraskeva Excavating & Trucking Corp. Our certified, well-trained technicians do system installations, inspections, maintenance, repairs, leach fields, holding tanks, dry wells, excavation, grading, and storm drains.

Septic System Services in Fultonville, NY | Paraskeva Excavating & Trucking Corp.

Septic Tank Pumping

Your tank’s an integral part of your septic system. A regularly pumped and maintained one can prevent costly repairs from arising later on. Our team offers responsive, reliable septic tank pumping. And we’re equipped to handle any size or model. Contact us today to get your septic tank pumped.

Pond Excavating Services Fultonville, NY | Paraskeva Excavating & Trucking Corp.

Pond Excavating Services

Ever wanted a pond to add that extra charm to your yard or business park? Turn to Paraskeva Excavating & Trucking Corp. for services in pond excavation. Our professionals have the knowledge and equipment to complete a quality job efficiently and for an affordable price.

Site Grading Fultonville, NY | Paraskeva Excavating & Trucking Corp.

Site Grading Services

No matter the site’s size, contact us for full-service grading. Our team works diligently to create solid, level land for a home, manufacturing facility, a transportation depot, and more. In addition, our reputation for grading makes us the premier excavation contractor in Fultonville, NY.

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